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You’ve worked hard for your money, now it’s time your money works hard for you. We believe a good financial planner is integral to achieving your lifestyle and financial goals. Savvy investors understand that money needs to be managed and invested with customized financial plans and ongoing reviews.

Like anything in life, without a plan, nothing can be achieved.

Our mission is to help clients create a vision for their financial goals and help them realize this vision through our tailored financial planning process. We offer both comprehensive and scoped financial advice.

Comprehensive financial advice provides a holistic look at your current finances, where you are and where you want to be in next few years. It helps paint a picture of what your finances would look like by exploring your options and recommending strategies to best put your money to work to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals. We aim to maximize your returns and protect your assets from unseen circumstances and maintain your family’s lifestyle. Areas covered include savings, investments, insurance, superannuation and retirement planning.

Comprehensive financial advice is recommended for new clients to assist in optimizing their financial position and raising their awareness of all their options from the outset.

Scoped financial advice provides specific advice targeted to one or a few area of client’s finances. For instance, clients may want to review their superannuation strategy and maximize their returns through a tailored and customised portfolio.

Specific areas of interest

The Financial Planning Process

The 7 step process

You’ll always have control and decide whether to stop, change or continue any of the recommendations we make. Our advice process involves seven key steps:

Step 01

An initial meeting helps you find out about us and helps us get to know you.

Step 02

We’ll ask you for information so we can understand who you are and what you’re aiming to achieve.

Step 03

We’ll help you clarify your goals.

Step 04

We evaluate your financial situation and formulate the right financial plan for you. We consider your tax and tax structures, assets to protect, estate planning needs and assist you in exploring your options to come up with a tailored plan for you.

Step 05

We discuss our recommendations with you and ascertain how you feel about them.

Step 06

Your plan can now be put into action. We begin executing the agreed actions and help you make any changes you agree to make.

Step 07

To ensure you are on track to achieving your financial goals, we will invite you to a regular review to help you measure your progress or update your goals and ongoing needs.

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Financial Planning